Wire sawing is one of our specialties. It requires resourceful project management and specialized equipment. Our wire cutters are among the most experienced in the industry.


  • Wire sawing cuts concrete in even the hardest to reach places and on limited access job sites
  • For large-diameter concrete cutting, to virtually unlimited specifications
  • Cuts through nearly unlimited wall thicknesses
  • Cuts metal and thick, heavily reinforced concrete to your exact specifications
  • Produces low vibration, noise, and dust, enabling controlled demolition in busy traffic, sensitive or occupied areas
  • Allows trades, line operations and production facilities to continue to work without interruption
  • Ideal for industrial and heavy civil applications, especially in live production facilities or in areas where there is restricted access
  • Works well when you have a limited amount of space
  • Consider wire sawing if you want to eliminate disruptions, reduce line downtime and minimize cost on your concrete sawing project


  • Cutting large pillars, bank vaults, bridge piers, dams, and other large-scale industrial applications
  • Removal of concrete bridges, foundations, underwater bridge pilings, and
  • Demolition of buildings, bridges, or almost anything large constructed of concrete



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